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The First Outboard Motor Bracket for Catamarans
Torqeedo Outboard

There are many small outboards available on the market at or under 30 pounds.  Almost all of them are gasoline propelled.  Some customers have asked about electric outboards which will work.  To use electric propulsion you have to consider first the type of electric motor and then what type of battery to use and where to stow it.  This is the biggest problem.  You must have a sealed battery and you need a battery big enough for the electric motor.  Most of these batteries are not very efficient and weigh quite a bit.

The Torqeedo outboard is the Cadilac of electric outboards and is the most efficient form of electric propulsion.  Please visit their web site at


and you will see what a great product it is.  The type of Torqeedo that works on the Cheata Motor Bracket is the 503 and 1003.  The 503 would be mostly in fresh water with no currents and the 1003 on the coast where you would have inlets and currents.

Please contact me direct and inquire about their prices and my package discounts.

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