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The First Outboard Motor Bracket for Catamarans



It recently occurred to me that you might be interested in a little feedback from a customer who has used your product extensively during the last two sailing seasons.  I must admit that I am impressed with the rugged, yet lightweight and unobtrusive construction of the bracket.  Being a Quality Assurance Engineer by profession, I was also very impressed with the visual quality of the welding and workmanship.  An experience that helped to reinforce this impression occurred when apparently did not completely engage the support block and the motor came crashing down full force with no apparent damage to the bracket.  I would even add, with some embarrassment, that the bracket has served quite well as a temporary support for stepping the 33 foot mast on my Suppercat.  All aspects considered, I feel that the Cheata bracket is a superbly designed and constructed accessory that coupled with a lightweight outboard of your choice will open up many new possibilities and relieve many anxieties associated with one design sailing without hindering performance.


Very truly yours,

Bill Cochran
Quality Assurance Engineer-Du Pont


This is truly a summer adventure by 2 young architects from the University of Berkley living a dream to sail a Hobie 18 catamaran from Key West, Florida to New York Harbor, New York.  They soon found out that they brought too much stuff with them and that they also needed auxillary power.  I met Sam and Matt on a beach in their second week of their adventure and installed a Cheata Motor Bracket on their Hobie 18.
Bottom line is, they could not have completed this 3 month trip without auxillary power and the only way for Sam and Matt to get auxillary power was with the
Cheata Outboard Motor Bracket.
Please visit their web site on the A/V Dept. and enjoy their adventure as much as I did.



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